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What’s New in the metal oxidation process

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What’s New in the oxidation process of metals to keep the shiny surfaces over time.

The Franco Lapini always attentive to technological innovation is pleased to inform your customers that a new patented process of metal oxidation is now available which allows you to keep the shiny surfaces over time.
A unique solution, nanomolecular, able to revolutionize the use of silver, gold and other metals, because they do not form a rigid and opaque layer on the surface, but creates a strong and flexible cover nanomolecular bond capable of withstanding the most aggressive agents, brilliantly passing tests such as:
• Accelerated aging
• Resistance to heat (up to 210 ° C for 30 days)
• Electric conducibility
• Wear resistance to manipulation, flapping etc.
• Compliance with rules on food and drinks
• No transmission of metals, flavors / taste / odor
• hypoallergenic
• Resistance to washing, detergents and dishwasher
• Artificial Perspiration, salt spray, moist heat
• Wet Leather
In essence there is nothing that can adversely affect the molecular bonding of the treatment, and the benefits immediately catch the eye

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