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Franco Lapini is a famous silverware workshop in Florence that produces magnificent pieces and interior design accessories. Today it’s proud of it’s worldwide sales.

The founder, Franco Lapini, always has been passionate about florentine art. He studied at the Porta Romana International Institute of Art, and he achieved his knowledge in the silverware field by working in several art boutiques in Florence. After his studies he opened his own workshop, creating from his drawings.

The inspiration of his works comes from the history of the sumptuous 16th century florentine banquets. He started to produce beautiful trays, carts, centerpieces, fruit bowls, candle holders and much more for villas, hotels and restaurants. In time, he lunched four other lines, such as “Argenteria”, “Hotelleria”, “Interior” and “Medio oriente”.


Una collezione in argento massiccio 925/1000 con garanzia della sua autenticità e protetta da copyright internazionale.

A collection in 925/1000 sterling silver with a warranty of authenticity and covered by an international copyright, worldwide famous for its quality and completely handmade products. Both in the drawing and realization phases of such products, functionality and design are carefully overviewed.
The elegance of the Argenteria line is completed by the exclusive combination of gemstones and other fine materials, which makes each object an unique piece.
Magnificent candle holders ready to adorn your banquets, refined champagne holders, trays decorated with important neoclassical decors and precious gems and other refined products to embellish your rooms and make you feel the luxury and the elegance in your own home.


The creation of Hotelleria is been inspired by the florentine Renaissance and by the historical banquets.
In fact the rich products resemble those of the past, but at the same time their design is clean and unique, bringing light and elegance to hotels and restaurants. Your guest will be welcomed in a warm and elegant dining room, and an excellent dinner will be served with our silverware.
Or they can experience the luxury of sleeping in a florentine hotel room between Pontevecchio and Piazza della Signoria, pampered among precious fabrics, antique furnitures and our beautiful silver pieces.


After creating exquisite handmade silverware and luxury products, a collection was created for those who want to embellish rooms with precious silver pieces.
Tables decorated with graceful horses, elegant peacocks, centerpieces and fruit bowls, unique design lamps and other decorative objects personalize your space and reflect that of the creator Franco Lapini.

Middle east

The taste of the Middle East with it’s colors, perfumes, shapes ant it’s exclusivity in the world of interior design.
Franco Lapini has dedicated a line to this mysterious and far land creating coffee pots, essential oil burners, tea pots, trays and more, respecting the oriental taste. Bring the magic to your home and you will feel it’s warmth around you.

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